2023's Farm Fest admission will be managed by E Stew Productions at the front gate! 🥳🎉🐄

     Farm Fest is a music festival in beautiful northern Michigan, located in the Atlanta State Forest Area. I attended in 2021 and was thoroughly impressed by the quality of musicianship. This year, 2023, it is August 11–13. More info and tickets can be found here. The photo of the main stage is actually a button that links to the schedule, you can click on it to view. Same with the giant yellow ticket, leads to the admission page and the cool musical notes on the winding staff leads to the page of musicians, where music 🎶 can be streamed to your device for many of them.

     I designed Farm Fest's new website site in February 2022, it was actually developed from the core of the previous version of this website, on Drupal 7. Ticket sales by Ubercart module (e-commerce) and the online apps like the volunteer application are made possible by Webforms module, this is all names for the underlying packs of code.

     We are currently scheduled to review the Farm Fest website for upgrading to Drupal 9 in the fall of this year, 2023. Originally scheduled for 2024. When completed, Farm Fest web technology will be matched with this very aesthetic E Stew Productions website. 🎸

     Update: this project has been approved, so it will now be made available for Farm Fest 2024. 😱