Website design by E Stew

     These websites are really great. I had an intro here before bragging about how fast these sites were responding to my uptime monitor. It just requests the URL from the site and reports the response time. I was so inflamed about how intensely fast it was. Well, that was a bit zesty; I recently realized. When I turn on this crontab to crank out the newsletter emails, it's going to slow down a bit. Really, if you are doing some cool stuff with your site, it may slow down slightly. It's just not a good bragging point, that's my realization.

     You want to know why you should spend all that money on a website, I'm sure. Much less, if you would trust your hard-earned dollars with me, E Stew. Well, you can definitely trust the dollars going my way, I can assure you on that. You'll get a great website and highly effective use of time throughout the project. I have a server too, and you can get on there. It does cost a bit per year, around $200 per website.

     You can definitely spread this project out over the year, because it can cost over $1,000 when it's all said and done. I just charge by time at my hourly rate of $30 per hour, and I'm like Jet Li on the keyboard with the speed and acrobatics. 🏮🐱‍👤⌨🖱️ That's a ballpark estimate, it can vary a bit. ⚾🏟

     I design these in a CMS called Drupal. It's largely sourced from Symfony, which is an MIT project. I use a program to manage that program. Yes, that's right, they call it Composer. This program is wild. I have to type the commands in manually and it looks like something out of the 80s, but it works great. It's kinda like how the terminator thinks; they call that kind command-line interface, or CLI. I actually really like it though, because it will download the right versions of code and all their dependencies. That's what they call their pals they need to work right. The whole thing keeps track of itself, practically.

     I'm not the only guy around that can put all that sauce in there; but I also just got done developing the new sauce. I have all the best versions of the code to use together; that alone is worth it. I'm giving you all that from the install, because I'll use that Composer program to structure your code the same way. Of course, we can still get creative on what you want your site to do.

🍭 🍫 🍬