The internet is full of boilerplate websites that don't do much and look like a hot mess. Well, I have engineered a seriously nice solution to deliver the user experience.

     E Stew Productions websites are hosted on a customized Linux server with dedicated hardware. Having multiple CPU cores and NVMe SSD, they are fast like lightning. This website averages around 145 ms TTFB, which puts it well within the top 10%. The average is 416 ms.

     I update them and can also add new features. They come standard with everything you see here. Streamlined with your graphics and style.

     Undoubtedly, these are desirable assets. The market value of a Drupal website is $10,000+. I have engineered the workflows at my hourly rate to around $1,700, including 1 year of hosting on the official E Stew Productions server.

     Sourced from the Symfony framework, under MIT license, I utilize a dependency manager that checks a database for known working versions of code. In essence, I can guarantee your site will work beautifully as designed.

     Thanks for reading, and feel free to email me for more details!