Recording studio services

Tracking: Recording at office in Richland, MI for vocals, live instruments and a graded hammer-action keyboard for virtual instruments.

Editing: Chop, screw, stutter, time align, Melodyne and more. Please email E Stew with specific questions.

Mixing and mastering:¬†Available in-house on Pro Tools, Waves plugins and a variety of reference monitors. Also featuring Antares Auto‚ÄĎTune for vocals and Waves GTR3 for re‚ÄĎamping guitars. Stems or trackouts welcome here. Mastering available for rendered files.

Producing: Original or remake instrumentals, beat production, offering live instruments such as electric guitar, bass guitar, and mandolin. Keys and drums through Reason Rack in Pro Tools.

Arrangement: Full instrumentation writing from minimal versions of songs, or condense down to playing on just one instrument. Vocal harmonization. Musical adaptation.