Live sound from Kalamazoo, Michigan

     E Stew designed these PA system packages with loads of power. Easily connect music through an HD Bluetooth receiver. Control lights with Bluetooth via BTAir app. Two Shure wireless Beta 58A vocal microphones. Great for music festivals, weddings, parties 🥳 🎉 or any type of indoor or outdoor event. Included also are Chauvet Colorbands (stage lighting bars). For any questions, contact E Stew

     Options: 1,300 watt Mackie Thump floor monitors, 8 mic channels on a PreSonus AR12c mixer. FX rack with 2 TA-1VP vocal processors that deliver studio quality compression and de-essing + Antares Auto-Tune, in real time. Main speakers may be configured with 2 Mackie Thump 12a or dual 15" SP4 cabinets.

Full band PA system: 24 channel

     Full band system includes 4 Shure vocal mics (2 are wireless), 4 DI boxes, 3 instrument mics, Audix 7 piece drum mic kit, 4 Mackie Thump monitors, 100 ft balanced lines to a PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 mixer, vocal processing rack with everything listed above as well as a 4 zone lighting system of Chauvet Colorbands. Peavey SP4 main speakers (3-ways) paired with a 2,700 watt Crown XLi 3500 amplifier. (class AB)