I talk about this mixer in both recording and live sound; so I am writing this article to further detail. In this photo, we are playing some Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson type tunes, blended in with some modern country. This is for all the folks to ride the horses and hang out with the animals at this event. I have a DJ app on my phone, and am connected to this mixer via Bluetooth. This Bluetooth connection is built into the mixer. That is why you do not really see any cables.

     Yes, it has a healthy EQ boost from the dbx dual 15 band, those Mackie Thumps (speakers) have a strong high-bass to low-mids frequency response that I like to subdue to complete the delicious bass boost sound that we all love. You will see the dramatic change in EQ around those frequencies, pictured here.

     It definitely records, and does a nice job with the laptop, via USB-C cable. Hence the "c" in the AR12c. Analog mixer, Recording, 12 channels, USB-C. So, it does get double duty at times, when more than 2 channels are needed to record things like drums. For studio workflows, I do not mix n master with it, as it is not fully integrated (buttons and faders do not move with the session). It is there for the purposes of live capture, on the Stewdio side of life.