It's about as rare as a solar eclipse, but I'm gonna run a deal like no other. Yes, $20 per hour for all studio services! I kid you not, it hasn't been that low since 2009. Usually you don't want to live in the past, but this time you do! 😆 This includes tracking in office, editing, mixing or even the holy grail, mastering. All of it is now $20 per hour, good through May 28, 2024.

     You can still record on the 28th, but I'm actually already booked that evening for assisting the good folks at Allegan Bible Church. I'll be getting them dialed in with the delicious Stewified mix style. It's a church in Allegan, Michigan. Cool town, not far from here. Also the location of Ride and Ride Ranch. You may have heard me talking about them before.


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