I must be "out my mind" like Holly Humberstone, 'cause I'm gonna run yet another super deal. I'll fire in on any new website design for $24 per hour during the month of June 2024.

     You may be wondering why or how I come up with all these song references. They appear in mind fairly clearly. I haven't heard the Holly Humberstone "The Walls Are Way Too Thin" song in months. I'm not even sure what that song is about; it kinda sounds like she's listening to him through the walls. That's why I like it, a girl being a creep. It's a refreshing change. Not sure what that has to do with website designs, prolly cause she has one and you don't! I have one too. Me and Holly gonna keep listening to each other through these walls while our websites do the talking for us. You go ahead and keep making phone calls and trying to explain yourself to people the old school way, get a pen and some paper too, some stamps and some envelopes.  "Hey, mr. postman" like the Marvelettes, "deliver the letter, the sooner, the better." 📬



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