I took years of music theory classes while at both Missouri University and Indiana Jacobs School of Music. I find that Roman numerals are the most useful method of chord charting, here is an example:


     An unbelievable amount of songs use that chord progression, it has some roots of popularity from blues music. The numbers are 1 4 5 1 not as useful though, because an upper case numeral means major chord VI and lower case vi means minor, as seen in this progression:

I vi IV V

     I find it incredibly useful because the key does not need to be known to understand the movement of the chords. As a songwriter and producer I am changing keys often so the chords may end up in a different key anyway. I need to know how they move relative to each other:

I vi IV V

     G major: G e C D
     D major: D b G A
     B major: B g# E F#

     You could switch that to minor:

i VI iv v

     g minor: g Eb c d
     d minor: d Bb g a
     b minor: b G e f#

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