Live Sound from Kalamazoo, Michigan

  E Stew designed these PA system packages with all the vocal processing from the recording studio, including Antares Auto-Tune. Easily connect your music and control lights with Bluetooth. Two Shure Wireless Beta 58A microphones. Great for Music Festivals, Weddings, Parties or any type of Indoor/Outdoor Event. Included also are Chauvet Colorbands (stage lighting bars). Contact me for any questions

  Also Incuded: Mackie Thump Monitor, 8 mic channels on a Presonus AR12c mixer. Dual Channels of Tascam TA-1VP vocal processors that delivery studio quality vocal processing. Mains may be configured with 2 Mackie Thump 12a or SP4s

Full band system now available

  Full band system includes 4 Shure vocal mics (2 are wireless), 4 DI boxes, 3 instrument mics, Audix 7 piece drum mic kit, 4 Mackie Thump monitors, 100 ft FOH balanced lines to a Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 mixer, vocal processing rack with everything listed above as well as a 4 zone lighting system of Chauvet Colorbands. Peavey SP4 main speakers paired with a 2,700 watt Crown XLi 3500 amplifier. (class AB)