First notes recorded on the new album by me, E Stew. This one is project named "Clouds", and that's what it sounds like, soaked in impressionistic style like Debussy. I'm getting a marvelous sound with Reason 12 piano and Waves compression and reverb in Pro Tools. This is actually the new system, ReWire has been retired, so the MIDI notes are recorded directly in Pro Tools, and Reason acts like a plugin for each channel.

     I actually wrote this on guitar, pictured here is the beginnings of the piano arrangement. They go together so smoothly, with the piano clustering the extended sonorities in the higher ranges, and the guitar with widely spaced voicings in the mid. They both plane, but in different ways that are complementary. I have moved to programming drums by actually playing them on this album, as opposed to writing the sequence in the drum computer. I'm also gonna lighten things up a bit from the last album, pop kit, classic sounds, amazing vocals. Truthfully, I have not used my own StewVox 2024 template yet! I am definitely looking forward to that. Okay, thanks for reading, stay tuned...because I may drop a single.