Originally released in 2020, now available for download here. This is E Stew's most recent album, with 13 songs.

Track list
  1. Mad World
  2. Another Door
  3. no no no
  4. Tin Man
  5. Sippin Whiskey
  6. Shade
  7. Saturday
  8. Melted
  9. Land of the Giants
  10. Neptune
  11. Opportunity
  12. Leave it All Behind
  13. Just Bein Me
Creative contributions

Kayla Breaux had a room upstairs, which had another door into the attic. This is where the imagination for “Another Door” began. Sarah Longlegs wrote lyrics for “Tin Man,” which I then arranged for the verses. PG wrote the verse lyrics for “Sippin Whiskey.” Kayla, aka Kray, wrote lyrics with PG for "Saturday"; I punch-in freestyled the melodies and cherry-picked lines on that one. I also cherry-picked lines for "Melted," verse lyrics written by Leigh Reed.


Format: 9.99